Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Berdiri Puncak Menara KL

I did it!: Harthono celebrating after completing his feat of standing on top of Kuala Lumpur Tower for 30 hours yesterday.

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite cold winds, the scorching sun, and thoughts of giving up, Harthono Isnanthomo pushed himself and succeeded in setting a new solo record for the longest tower stand.
To show his patriotism and Merdeka spirit, primary schoolteacher Harthono earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Records by standing on the top of Kuala Lumpur Tower for 30 hours.
“I am happy that I can contribute something to the country and hope that my inspiration will inspire patriotism in fellow Malaysians,” said Harthono, 43, who started his training for this from 2003.
He had to prepare physically and mentally, and the training included jogging and basic exercises. In preparation for the stand, he had to stand for at least nine hours on high buildings to get the feel of the height.
“I did feel nervous standing up there, but when I focused on the main goal I was able to overcome the fear,” he said.
Harthono said his wife and children were his source of inspiration and they were always by his side supporting him in everything he did.
When asked when was the hardest moment in accomplishing his feat, he said the first hour was the hardest because there was still 29 hours more to go.
“Once I reached the 15-hour mark, it was okay,” he said, adding that he had felt tired, sleepy and almost gave up at one point but decided to push himself.
Hailing from Sandakan, Sabah, Harthono only ate fruits, bread and raisins during the 15-minute breaks he took once every three hours.
“I felt worried as the weather was unpredictable, but with God’s grace everything went well,” said Harthono’s wife, Sharifah Ari, 42.


INTAN RH said...

congrate harth...sori tak dpt hadir waktu tu..

teruskan usaha ye :)

harthono said...

Ok tak apa yang penting misi telah selesai...TQ